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    Rocky's Liquidation Sale

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    Welcome to Rocky's liquidation sale. Each other Monday starting April 1, 2019 we will be putting different items into the sale. Each item will be discounted for the two weeks and we will be posting the sale on Facebook along with sending an Email notice. Inventory will be live so you can see if the items is available. Once inventory is gone there will be no more produced. Be sure you signup for our Email newsletter to be notified of what will be on Sale for the week. Also be sure to Like Rocky's Facebook Page Roxanne Puchalski MDA as the offer will be posted on that page.

    New Designs

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    Rocky has just released 17 new designs for 2016. All of these pattern packets are available in printed form and as E Patterns for instant download. Check them out we are sure you will find a great design for a new project

    Rocky's Books

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    Welcome to Rocky's book selection. She has designed these patterns to be fun and easy to paint, with great directions, full size line art and great color photos.

    Rocky's Brushes

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    Rocky's collection of brushes are great for the novice or advanced painter. They produce the results you are looking for with ease. Rocky has worked hard with the brush manufacturer from getting the right feel on the handle to just the right blend of bristles providing you with brushes that work.

    Rocky's E Patterns Instant Access

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    Welcome to Rocky's New E-Patterns Category of Pattern Packets. Rocky has taken a large number of her pattern packets and had them converted to E-Patterns so that when you purchase them you can instantly download the pattern. Each E-Pattern includes full color pictures, detailed painting instructions, full size line art for tracing your pattern and a full color palette.

    Rocky's Lamp Shade Patterns

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    Rocky's lamp shade patterns are specially designed by her to create a beautiful shade to fit on the top of wine glasses. Each shade pattern includes full size line art along with a color palette and detailed painting instructions.

    Rocky's New E Ornament Patterns Instant Access

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    Rocky's new E-Ornament Patterns feature a beautiful color picture of the ornament, color palette, detailed painting instructions and full size line drawing. Each ornament pattern is simply downloaded to your computer in a pdf file and you will be able to zoom in on details, print your line drawing, and follow the painting instructions.

    Rocky's Ornament Patterns

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    Rocky's ornament patterns feature full size line drawing, crisp color photo, and detailed painting instructions

    Rocky's Pattern Packets

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    Welcome to Rocky's online pattern packet store. We hope you can browse and find just the type of pattern packet your looking for. Rocky has designed many different pattern packets and they all feature color pictures, full size line drawings, complete painting instructions and color palette. Also be sure to check out the E-Patterns that Rocky has. By getting an E-Pattern you will have it instantly,

    Rocky's Technique Sheets

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    Rocky's technique sheets are designed to show six stages in the painting process of some very frequently painted objects and to give detailed instructions for the methods used to achieve the results you want.

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    August Seminar
    Signup for Rocky’s upcoming seminar “Harvest Tub” August 20th
    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. This will be taking place at Rocky’s studio located in Covington Township, PA. The tin tub measures 10″ high x 17″ wide x 8″ deep.

    The seminar cost is $64.95 and you can call Rocky at 570-842-0842 or Email  to reserve your spot.  Lunch will be provided