Product Description


Rocky’s Splayed Flat brushes are designed to do many different techniques.  They are designed to work in those instances when you need a worn flat or filbert brush.  We always seem to have a brush that is completely dead, has curled bristles or just isn’t worn enough.

These can be used for many different background effects such as slip-slapping different values or colors to create interest, scuffing or dry brushing ground or table areas to create foreground light or directional streaks.

They are wonderful brushes for base coating hair, giving a soft flow without stiff wiry looking hairs.  They can be used to apply streaks to pine trees, pine branches and to give directional or growth lines to fruit, flowers and leaves.

They can even be used to stipple and have the advantage of the chisel edge for small or narrow areas.

These brushes are made exclusively for Rocky, to her specifications.