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Welcome to the website of Roxanne Puchalski MDA.

Rocky's Online Store is Now Open

Here you will be able to shop for Rocky's pattern packets, brushes, books, and surfaces.

If your shop or chapter is interested in contacting Rocky about coming to teach just use the link on this page for a contract or to contact her..

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Make sure you check out her upcoming seminars and sign up for her Email Specials.

Once you are on the list you will get updates of her upcoming classes, seminars and specials in her online store.

Also be sure to like her on Facebook so you get the posts of everything that's happening, especially the upcoming "Seriously Fun Painting" projects.

Rocky's Online Store

If you are looking for Rocky's Pattern Packets, Books, Brushes, Lamp Shade Patterns or Painting Surfaces be sure to check out her new online store. Just click on the link to the left and enjoy your shopping experience.

Seriously Fun Painting Projects

Rocky has introduced a new concept in teaching people to paint. Here you can see some of the projects that she has designed to be taught to a new painter (never painted before) in a 3 hour class. It is just what the title says "Fun Painting". The response has been great and the students are leaving the classroom with a finished painting on either glass or canvas in just 3 hours.

Painting Classes
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Rocky has weekly painting classes at her studio in Pennsylvania. She has students coming to these classes for over 25 years and they still enjoy their night out and the next new painting project. They are held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm to 9:00pm. If you are interested in starting to attend either of these classes just contact Rocky with the link on this page and she will get back to you.

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